Pump Repair in Cabarrus County, NC

Well water is a cornerstone for most homes in the area. But, if your pump system isn’t working right or your water is contaminated, your water may be at risk. From well drilling to water testing and treatment, B.M. Wright Well & Pump Service provides a full array of services designed to keep your water convenient and safe.


  • Water pump repair:
    Is your pump running erratically? Issues maintain flow? Not getting any water at all? These issues and more are solved with knowledgeable pump repair in Cabarrus County, NC. Let us bring you solutions, backed by some of the best brand names in the industry.
  • Well repair:
    A damaged well is one that’s sure to be contaminated in no time. We offer well repairs to ensure the long-term integrity of your well and to help prevent contamination of your potable water.
  • Pump service:
    With proper care, your well pump could last decades! All it takes is diligent service and annual inspections to keep it running smoothly. We provide both to jet pumps and submersibles alike.
  • Well drilling:
    Need a new well drilled and installed on your property? We’ve got the equipment and experience to get it done! Our experience with local soil conditions and the water table ensures we know exactly where to dig and how deep to go for a reliable well installation.
  • Well irrigation:
    Planning on using a sprinkler system in conjunction with a well? We’ll help you set up well irrigation in Cabarrus County, NC. We’re able to drill these shallow wells and install proper backflow systems to ensure you maintain a safe, accessible water supply.
  • Water filtration:
    Hard water is a common issue in this region, which makes water filtration a priority. Turn to us for filtration systems of all types, including RO systems and media filter systems, to ensure the best possible drinking water for your home.
  • Water treatment:
    If your well has recently experienced contamination or there’s a higher-than-acceptable concentration of naturally-occurring groundwater elements in your water supply, talk to us about treatment. Through treatment, we can address most microbial concerns.
  • Water testing:
    If you suspect impurities in your water, let us test for them. We perform a full panel of tests to detect everything from heavy metals, to dangerous chemicals, to organic pathogens. Once we have the results, we can tell you more about treating your water.


Have questions about your well or the water you get from it? Contact B.M. Wright Well & Pump Service today by calling 704-857-3344. We’ll answer your questions and schedule an appointment for well services.

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